Refund Policy

It is always recommended to Pay Online. Do ask for online payment links from your dedicated broker (We are not responsible for any commitments/refunds if amount is not paid via payment links, call/text us if a broker denies to provide payment links).

We are committed to show you minimum of two properties after your confirmation of viewing the same, once the information is delivered to you by the tie-up broker (s).

For any refunds related requests, kindly mail us at our Email Ids or or Whatsapp at +91-6002871761 dropping a text ‘Refund’ along with your ‘Name’ and ‘Email Address’.

Please note: No refunds will be done if refund requests are made after expected shifting date (as mentioned in the tenant form). Platform charges are non refundable as it is a onetime payment with lifetime validity.

We are not liable for refunds after a house has been booked by you and deal fix amounts have been received.

This is a fluctuating market; we being an aggregator, plenty of properties get booked by us on daily basis. Properties shown in our promotional campaigns or any advertisement platforms are subject to availability. However, you may request for similar properties.

100% refund ?has to be claimed before expected shifting date. The refund will be processed once you shift to your new home which is not available with website.

For claiming the refund, you just need to submit a valid copy of your rental agreement. The rental agreement should match the requirement given to will verify the claim, this may include physical visit of the property premises.

The rent and deposit amount in the registered rental agreement should be equal or lower than the one given to relationship manager at the time of form submission.