Step 2 completed

This is to confirm that we have received your property viewing fee. We guarantee you a successful house hunt with us .
Your dedicated broker will be calling you within 24 hours and start updating and showing you rent houses as per your requirement . Thanks for choosing us.

Now you will be contacted by our tie up brokers. Each broker has a unique ID or code i.e. their aadhaar number. Please ask for their unique code before any communication. Please proceed to visit the property only when you are completely assured of the property specifications.

Note: Make payments online only via payment links provided in the website. 
This whole process is for your security. We hold no liability if any of these guidelines are not followed.
The next fee will be the commission of 40% on rent amount payable after fixing a 🏠.

Step 3 completes when you fix a house and the deal is closed.

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