About us

Great places are powered by
passionate people.

Our people are the key to our success. We are a team of the brightest and the best who are changing the way the guwahati experiences property.
Guwahati To Let is a startup that grew up in Guwahati when a co founder found that the current scenerio of house renting is not standardized and is really a hectic job . The passion of finding best and only independent rent houses in the city makes us achieve what we desire and thrive towards our goal everyday effortless.
The tenants and the owners and ofcourse our team in this never ending journey have a long story best shared over a hot cup of coffee or better yet, cold mugs of beer. If you want to hear more about those, just drop us a line -and we’d happy to have you over (and even foot the bill).
For now, we’ll stick to the simple story of what happens when two novices get together and start working with the Real estate Industry. Only one of two things can happen – Drown, in the sheer vastness of this industry, or build a completely different way to do things.
Guwahati To Let connects various stakeholders. Manage supply chains. Collect Payments. Serves the Real Estate industry and building a better Guwahati. GTL (Guwahati To Let) – The Facebook, Uber and AirBnB of Real Estate Industry.
Above all the greatest challenge was to find believers. The whole idea that all stakeholders of this Trade would come onto a single platform and transact, was deemed impossible .
Finally, after almost a year of hawking our vision we found support from Owners,Banks,People,Mentors who helped us along, we launched GTL on 1st of April 2019.
Today GTL is no longer just our vision. It is an Online Community – where Owners, Individuals, Banks, Various Authorities, Families come together and supporting us grow faster.
GTL is the first company in Guwahati to revolutionize the renting or housing industy with “Every Rent House Is An Independent Home” concept.